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WebAlias Frequently Asked Questions
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1. What is The WebAlias Network?

2. The Basics
a. What is a WebAlias?
b. Why should I get a free WebAlias?
c. How is a WebAlias better than other URL redirection alternatives?
d. Can I get a WebAlias for a commerical/business website?
e. I like my website's address so why do I need a WebAlias?
f. Can I have more than one WebAlias for a single website?
g. Why would I want more than one WebAlias?
h. Why is my WebAlias completely free (in other words, is there really no "catch")?
i. How long can I keep my WebAlias?
j. How do people use my WebAlias to get to my website?
k. How can a WebAlias help my non-United States website?
l. What are the best ways to promote my WebAlias?

3. Selecting a WebAlias
a. Can I choose anything I want as my WebAlias?
b. How long does it take for my WebAlias to become active?
c. What characters can I use in my WebAlias?
d. Is my WebAlias case-sensitive?
e.What if people don't use the exact punctuation and spacing in my WebAlias?
f. Is there anything else I should know about choosing a WebAlias?

4. Information About You and Your Website
a. Why do you ask for my email address?
b. What if I give you a phony email address?
c. Why do you suggest I include a description of my website?
d. Why do I need to tell you what topics my website focuses on?
e. I've forgotten my WebAlias account password - what should I do?

5. Hiding Your Website's Address with Frames
a. Why would I want to hide my website's address?
b. What are the side-effects of using frames to hide my website's address?
c. What are the limitations of using frames to hide my website's address?
d. What happens with browsers that don't support frames?

6. Access Restrictions
a. What can I do with my WebAlias access restrictions?
b. How do I get the most out of access restrictions?
c. How do I change/add/remove my WebAlias access restrictions?
d. How long does it take for changes to take effect?
e. What are the reasons NOT to use access restrictions?

7. Free Advertising for your WebAlias
a. How does the WebAlias free advertising program work?
b. Free advertising sounds too good to be true - is there really NO catch?
c. What will my banner ad look like?
d. Can I create my own banner ad and give it to you to run?
e. What do you suggest I use as my advertising text?
f. What restrictions are there on my free advertising?
g. What if I don't want you to advertise my WebAlias?

8. The WebAlias Network Search Engine and Directory
a. How does the WebAlias search engine work?
b. How can I make my searches most effective?
c. How can I maximize the chances that my WebAlias will come up in other people's searches?

9. Custom Graphics
a. How can I get free custom graphics for my website?
b. Do I have to include your custom graphics on my website?
c. Can I control the appearance of the custom graphics you create for me?

10. Updating WebAlias Network Account Information
a. How do I change the website accessed via my WebAlias?
b. What if I want to change my WebAlias or any other account information?
c. How long does it take for changes to take effect?
d. How do I delete my WebAlias account?

11. WebAlias Usage Statistics
a. General Information regarding WebAlias usage statistics
b. How accurate are the usage statistics?
c. What does the "IP of Visitor" field mean?

12. Special Services for Commerical Websites
a. How can a WebAlias enhance my commercial website?
b. What's the easiest way for me to register multiple WebAliases for my commercial website?

13. Coming Soon!
a. Customize the free banner ads for your WebAlias
b. Directly enter your WebAlias into web browsers
c. Special listing of high traffic member sites
d. Enhanced system for free custom graphics
e. Near-miss WebAlias recognition
f. Suggest an enhancement

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