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Free resources for web builders
Free Webpage Providers - If you want your own website, you need a place to call home - a website host. Here you'll find links to several you may have heard about and several you probably haven't.
Free Resources for
Web Developers
These comprehensive sites are a web developer's dream: lots of excellent resources, all well-organized and current. If you want a one-stop place to shop for all your web development needs, try these.
Free WebPage Tutorials - Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Even if you're not, there are many great online tutorials to help you overcome whatever hurdle your website may be facing.
Free Web Graphics - Unless you want to risk a legal problems, you should avoid graphics that you did not create or that are not freely distributed. We'll point you to some great resources that'll give you all the legitimate graphics you could want or need.

Free Web Browsers -

Because different browsers can work in strange ways, you should verify that your website works with each of the major browsers - or else risk some unhappy visitors, especially if you're using Javascript or advanced HTML. Don't simply try the latest versions either because many of your visitors are likely using earlier, less-capable browsers.
Free Software for
Web Developers
Here you'll find HTML editors, graphic utilities, programming-related software and much more to help you enhance your website's look and feel.

Free Javascript Resources -

Because Javascript is run by the browser, not the webserver (like CGI, see below), Javascript is the most popular way to enhance webpages without worrying about what your website host will allow.
Free CGI Resources -

If your website host offers you CGI access to run your own executable programs, you have another world of possibilities to make your site more interactive and functional.

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