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One of the best known of the free webpage providers, Geocities gives you a whopping 11 megabytes of webspace and all the tools and tutorials you need to get your site up quickly and easily.
If you're looking to set up a webpage with lots of graphics, Xoom is a great choice - they have TONS of graphic images of all types for the taking (at last count 75,000!) - even animated ones. Plus, with the massive 11 megabytes of space they offer, Xoom is a great place to call home(page).
With over 2 million pages hosted, Tripod is huge, but it's also well organized. Join here for free and get 11 megabytes of space, a guest book, an answering machine, and lots of help along the way.
The Globe offers 12 megabytes of free space and welcomes HTML beginners and experts alike. They'll walk you through the webpage creation process if you wish, or, if you're a pro, let you sweat the details yourself.
Angelfire now offers up to 5 megabytes of space for free. If you use only 1/5 of a megabyte (200K), however, you're webpage will be free from Angelfire advertisements - an interesting offer for those seeking total independence.
Hypermart offers free web hosting for businesses only, but what an offer it is: 10 megs, full CGI, FrontPage 98 suppport, and much, much more. What's the catch? Their banner ad must appear on your site. Even still, it's an offer worth checking out.
The FWP Review offers the lowdown on over 100 free webpage host in over 20 countries. A very handy and concise chart details the important features of each. This is one of the most exhaustive lists of free providers we've seen.
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