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If you liked Paris 2 stars hotels, here are 20 more sites we think you'll enjoy:


1.  oysterclam (http://webalias.com/oysterclam)
Oysterclam's Page O Thrills Welcome to the floating Tiki Hut?
2.  meredith (http://webalias.com/meredith)
(no information available)
3.  Shopping (http://webalias.com/Shopping)
Secure online shopping Build your own internet store FREE!
4.  Starlite Global Exchange (http://webalias.com/StarliteGlobalExchange)
A variety of products from sports equipment to clothes to appliances to electronics and travel with low prices
5.  jamesryder (http://webalias.com/jamesryder)
Makeup Artist ...Photo Galleries, Filmography. James Ryder, makeup artist, Hollywood, CA
6.  Starlite Xchange (http://webalias.com/StarliteXchange)
Pick from a number of products at low prices for your online and offline shopping needs
7.  workingarts (http://webalias.com/workingarts)
Gift shop specialsed in mini wate color pictures
8.  De'Shawna's Homepage! (http://webalias.com/DeShawnasHomepage) [ACCESS RESTRICTED]
My homepage is mostly links. I hope you will enjoy. To find out more you will have to visit.
9.  alexandra (http://webalias.com/alexandra)
An exciting & fresh website containing info on things from opinions to fashion don'ts to REAL college life
10.  MUNIX (http://webalias.com/MUNIX)
11.  trend (http://webalias.com/trend)
A club for sassy girls to join! R U cool? Join Trend!
12.  photographers (http://webalias.com/photographers)
Great photography site!!!!!!!! model portfolios
13.  annelain (http://webalias.com/annelain) [ACCESS RESTRICTED]
A fun website that great to visit you can't see it all one visit!
14.  boutique (http://webalias.com/boutique)
childrens clothing, dresses, jewelry, shoes, tea sets,
15.  Chrisu (http://webalias.com/Chrisu)
Personal Homepage about my interests, my horses, poetry and simply about me and my life
16.  BusinessOpportunity (http://webalias.com/BusinessOpportunity)
17.  duygudikmenoglu (http://webalias.com/duygudikmenoglu)
Pics of Duygu Dikmenoglu, Elite Model Look 96 Winner MIDI files, Programming Projects w/source coude, more!
18.  ComputerHairstyleImaging (http://webalias.com/ComputerHairstyleImaging)
See that new hairstyle on you before you cut or color your hair.
19.  beauty care (http://webalias.com/beautycare)
Beauty skin care products created in New Zealand reduces wrinkles leaving skin soft, supple and hydrated
20.  meggles (http://thrill.to/meggles)
this page includes cool things, duh hehe like scream and midis, lyrics, and info on anything pretty
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