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If you liked Sorin Aircraft Web Sites Network 4.0, here are 20 more sites we think you'll enjoy:


1.  international tourism (http://webalias.com/internationaltourism)
International tourism consutancy focused on economic development around the world - tourism, air transport
2.  Bytronix (http://webalias.com/Bytronix)
3.  gopik (http://webalias.com/gopik)
For people wanting to know more on Gopikrishnan (gopik) u'll find my articles, poems, photos and computer stuff
4.  rocknroll (http://webalias.com/rocknroll)
Rich's Place in Cyberspace
5.  Water Proof (http://webalias.com/WaterProof)
Acrylic waterproofing for roofs,decks,siding. Protects from acid rain, UV, mold, fungi; beats urethane!
6.  www.davesloan.com (http://webalias.com/www.davesloan.com)
Dave's Home Page
7.  Russia (http://webalias.com/Russia)
IT Information and Digesting
8.  http://www.bright.com (http://webalias.com/http://www.bright.com)
Bright Engineering Home Page Machine Tool, Crank Grinder, Surfacer Grinder Manuf.
9.  united (http://webalias.com/united)
website for the united earth alliance a new org. allowing you to have your say in your world
10.  fabbas (http://webalias.com/fabbas)
Personal website for personal use
11.  new sons of liberty (http://webalias.com/newsonsofliberty)
Are you looking for intelligent political commentary? Who REALLY runs the government - what do they want?
12.  Tetworld (http://webalias.com/Tetworld)
Tetworld is a Peace Through Development Project modeled on Buckminster Fuller's concept of a world game.
13.  go ngo (http://webalias.com/gongo)
a match between the UEA and UN! Just a bit of fun Lists their good points and bad ones
14.  Argentina_1999 (http://webalias.com/Argentina_1999)
Argentina Menem Elecciones Presidente Gobierno Congreso Corrupcion Educacion Economia Salud
15.  hkR.com (http://browser.to/hkR.com)
(no information available)
16.  davidtalley (http://webalias.com/davidtalley)
Personal Personal
17.  www.neptune.net (http://webalias.com/www.neptune.net)
(no information available)
18.  year2000books (http://webalias.com/year2000books)
Y2K Books, Year 2000 Books, Millennium Bug Information, Also, Motivational and Inspirational Books, etc!
19.  y2kbooks (http://webalias.com/y2kbooks)
y2k, y2k books, year 2000 books, preparedness, survival, millennium bug, earth changes, etc!
20.  shasi (http://browser.to/shasi)
MSC shasi
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