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If you liked Codec Divx, here are 20 more sites we think you'll enjoy:


1.  sacta (http://webalias.com/sacta)
It is tour site .
2.  doublecom (http://webalias.com/doublecom)
Your partner for local area networking, web authoring, multimedia presentation and video conferencing.
3.  rndutt (http://webalias.com/rndutt)
The history, literature and science of India. The great art of electronics and computers.
4.  planeta,terra (http://webalias.com/planetaterra)
Active Tours
5.  netcafe (http://webalias.com/netcafe)
Travel, tourism, theater, finance, photos, museums free internet services
6.  mikes-kingdom (http://webalias.com/mikeskingdom)
See the world from a kid's perspective of the world See a kid's view of the world - movie reviews and more
7.  Planet Saria (http://webalias.com/PlanetSaria)
A site that is still under construction but it will be about my travel experiences & tranel related links
8.  SchlockHaus (http://webalias.com/SchlockHaus)
Visit Funky Zach's Schlock Haus. We'll give you you humorous TV scripts, a funny WAV every month, and more
9.  majorweb (http://webalias.com/majorweb)
greyhounds, autos, zoo, chat, message board, links, jpg gif, majorhomepage, majorweb, free, http://xxx.tsx.org/
10.  midl (http://webalias.com/midl)
Obtain a Valid International Drivers License by mail.
11.  store (http://webalias.com/store)
Virtual Pakistan's Interactive Store of Great Products from Pakistan
12.  travel (http://webalias.com/travel)
Travel fare discount quotes for international travel, hotels, exotic tours, luxury trips, and weekly bargains
13.  rohan.com (http://webalias.com/rohan.com)
RowZone by Rohan
14.  Carolina Beach (http://webalias.com/CarolinaBeach)
Island Moments Magazine Your #1 source for informaiton concerning Pleasure Island, North Carolina
15.  Chinesebooks Cyberstore (http://webalias.com/ChinesebooksCyberstore)
The first online book seller offering a comprehensive catalogue of more than 200,000 books.
16.  realjapan (http://webalias.com/realjapan)
Modern Japanese culture, Japanese pop culture Japanese culture, J-music, celebrities, fashion, slang
17.  columbus (http://webalias.com/columbus)
Hotel Columbus, Lignano-Sabbiadore, Italy. Enjoy a comfortable stay in a 4-star hotel.
18.  thetcg (http://webalias.com/thetcg)
(no information available)
19.  The Trench Coat Gang (http://webalias.com/TheTrenchCoatGang)
(no information available)
20.  nepal (http://webalias.com/nepal)
travel tips to Nepal links to nepal sites handicrafts
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