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If you liked Saint Remus University, here are 20 more sites we think you'll enjoy:


1.  badgers (http://webalias.com/badgers)
The badger site from the Badgers Sett in the UK Meles, Meles, Meles
2.  www.maxie.com (http://webalias.com/www.maxie.com)
The best of internet stuff? It's here.
3.  wordsecrets (http://webalias.com/wordsecrets)
Tips for surviving the Microsoft Word 97 experience. Step in, see what the Word Genie advises.
4.  wrestling central (http://webalias.com/wrestlingcentral)
Every rumor from every rumor page...this is the only place you need to go for rumors and trivia
5.  ridwan.com (http://webalias.com/ridwan.com)
miscellaneous collections of information or images perhaps a market in UAE or a wedding in Indonesia
6.  Chess For Blood (http://webalias.com/ChessForBlood)
Chess Instruction, Chess Servers, Chess Links, Chess Downloads, Chess Problems, Chess News, Chat Room
7.  admax (http://webalias.com/admax)
Lease a 266 MHZ Computer With No Money Down!! Earn $5,900 For Every 6 People You Refer !!
8.  anthropology (http://webalias.com/anthropology)
This is the Official HomePage for ANTH 205 (PEARL) Texas A&M University
9.  gasspage (http://webalias.com/gasspage)
my page is one of the pages that tell somethings about my self and the teams that I like
10.  apcg (http://webalias.com/apcg)
The Ateneo Peer Counselors Group's Digital Logbook embodies our team spirt: fun and friendship!
11.  Vladimir (http://webalias.com/Vladimir)
Cheat codes, information about game blood, animation.
12.  roid (http://webalias.com/roid)
bodybuilding and supplements
13.  WebExplosions (http://webalias.com/WebExplosions)
Web Explosions offers highly affordable web site design and creation for business and personal use.
14.  kramerica (http://webalias.com/kramerica)
This site is for HTML help. Kramerica Enterprises
15.  bigplanetlv (http://webalias.com/bigplanetlv)
Offering consolidation of telecommunications services and a business opportunity for entrepreneurs
16.  Titanic Central (http://webalias.com/TitanicCentral)
"only for people who like the best" Updated daily! your one stop Titanic resource
17.  bigplanetRepInfo (http://webalias.com/bigplanetRepInfo)
Big Planet, Inc. offers unprecedented FT/PT opportunities to capture the explosion of the internet!
18.  Debate Coaches Corner (http://webalias.com/DebateCoachesCorner)
Debate Coaches Corner is a one stop, ultimate research center available for speech students today!
19.  australia (http://webalias.com/australia)
Selling Australian Stuffed animals and other Australian Items
20.  website (http://webalias.com/website)
Web designers, builders, creaters. LOOK HERE! Free advice, tips, tutors, graphics etc.
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