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The WebAlias Network - Advertising Information

The WebAlias Network offers creative opportunities for both large and small advertisers.

These are just a few of the benefits of advertising on The WebAlias Network:

  1. Reach a highly desirable audience.
    The WebAlias Network is visited by a broad spectrum of web users, from the internet novice to the experienced net surfer. Most of the visitors to The Network are "surfing the net" leisurely, increasing the likelihood they will click-through your advertising.

  2. Maximize your advertising dollars.
    Advertisers on The WebAlias Network consistently see click-through rates that are much higher than the industry average, even for run-of-site ads.

  3. Target your messages to your desired market.
    The WebAlias Network offers its advertisers the opportunity to target messages to selected audiences based on certain criteria, such as areas of interest, keywords, or site position. 

  4. Get detailed and immediate feedback.
    Advertisers receive all the data they need to evaluate audience response to each individual banner as well as their overall campaign.

Adult-oriented ads are accepted provided they meet certain criteria and are "targeted".

We are certain we can tailor a highly affordable advertising campaign that will fit your budget and meet your objectives.

And now you can get started for as little as $100! To view current rates, click here.

For more details about advertising on The WebAlias Network,  please email us at advertising@webalias.com.  Please include a contact name, email address and a brief description of the campaign you wish to run. One of our advertising representatives will contact you promptly.

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